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About Us

WondaByte Ghana is fully Ghanaian owned Information Technology (I.T) consulting firm. We are poised with the desire to use information technology to improve sustainable development. We develop database management systems, secured and crossed interface web apps, graphic designs, consultancy, sales and repairs of computers. With over five years of experience in the world of information technology, WondaByte Ghana has successfully executed projects in various institutions and non-governmental agencies and companies.

Using primarily database and web technologies, we design, build, and maintain reliable and appropriate internet solutions for a variety of clients in a wide range of business sectors. As the job includes a lot of detailing and price comparisons, we offer you a package price that can match the industry’s standards. Tailored to your needs, rest assured that the quality and service that we render will be suited to your needs and will meet your expectations.

We also draw on our extensive track record and diverse backgrounds to maximize value, profitability and growth potential for our clients. Because we work alongside management teams, lenders and equity sponsors, our team of experienced professionals brings an informed perspective to the challenges and opportunities you face.

Good IT boosts productivity and morale in the workplace – employees who have fewer technology frustrations are happier and more engaged, directly impacting your bottom line. At WondaByte Ghana, we believe Information and Technology bliss starts by forming a partnership. We work with you to understand your business’s specific needs then deploy the magic of technology to WOW them and exceed your expectations.

With our team of dedicated technocrats who are equipped with the requisite skills and up to date facilities and resources, we see to it that tasks are successfully developed, deployed and delivered based on our customer specification. We also have technical and legal advisors who train us with modern technologies to ensure that our products meet world standards.

We also understand that, website, mobile app or software will be the eye for your business online. We believe that, if you look good, so shall we. So we maintain certain standards and quality in each of our projects. We develop our projects by integrating all kind of advanced web technologies to reflect the company’s reach and updated approach in keeping up the pace according to the growth of information technology.

We also understand that small businesses encounter many issues and challenges needing immediate attention on a daily basis. Our team of skilled engineers is ready and waiting to handle even the most complex IT issues that may arise. WondaByte Ghana is happy to take on everything from network solutions to data migration to office phone systems, custom software integration and more. We expertly analyze your IT needs and choose the best specialists for the job–allowing you to focus on what’s important—growing your business.

Our Team

Wonder is a computer and business enthusiasts. He is a team player as well. He spends most part of his time on sales, market research, financial modelling, strategy, front-end design & team building. He is an ardent lover of using technology in making life and businesses simple.

Wonder L. Dorgloh

A software developer by profession with firm backgrounds in web and mobile technologies. Currently works as a developer with xdsdataghana and developer and operations manager with Wondabyte solutions. Good logical reasoning and data analysis skills

obed dodoo marvin

Nana is a computer engineer most passionate about Linux system administration and configuration. He is very  committed in solving all issues faced by Web developers

Nana Kwafo

Emmanuel is computer engineer with over two years of experience in managing and delivering business and information
technology solutions. He posess a unique blend of enterpreneurial spirit combined with a deep passion for both technology
and business. His skill set ranges from been a good team player, software development, product management to sales
and marketing.

Emmanuel Magbin