StockTape is a web application for Inspectorate Companies in the oil and gas industry. These work to connect the timely intake of records sent from the depots from Fields Representatives to the Inspectorate to check and validate after which with just a click of a button, the record is being forward to the respective Banks and BDC involve in the transaction of that particular consignment.

StockTape is also an omni-channel reporting experience platform for Stock Monitoring. StockTape is designed to seamlessly integrate with both legacy and new systems allowing you to concentrate on your core mandate to deliver great customer value.

AsoriApp is a seamless administration, effective data management and 
instant mobile communication application for church administrators and congregations. 


With AsoriApp, Church Administrators captures detailed church member information, leader and church operations allowing for effective engagement. Church members can receive devotionals, sermons, event notices, other relevant information and send prayer requests through the AsoriApp.